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Images are universal; almost everyone, regardless of their country and language, understand them. Wordless comics need no translation, except for their title. In English, Silent Comics is a good metaphor. It gives a context, tells what the project is about. How would you translate these two words?

See if your language is in the translation page if you want to help1.

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Are you a developer? You can review the theme code for the publishing site, which is currently in development. I’m not a programmer so there is room for implementation.

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Do you enjoy watching and reading free comics? Designing good comics takes time, building and maintaining a publishing platform too. This is why most online comics depend on some kind of dreadful revenue model based on advertising. There must be a better way. Comics should be free of unsolicited advertising clutter even while free to preview online. Yet any independent, advertising free publication has a price. That’s where subscription comes in. The word “subscribe”, as in magazine “subscription”, comes from the Latin for “underwrite”. With their subscribtions, readers can underwrite the cost of each comic in advance of its publication. So how can you do that?

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You will be able to commission original artwork from the series soon after the project launches. Sign up below to the SILENT COMICS shop on Gumroad and I will keep you posted.

  1. Short text translations introducing each story release might be welcome in the future.