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July 18th, 2016 1 minute read

There are a number of tools to optimise images for the web: starting with Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks. However you can achieve even better compression with these tools:

  • ImageOptim is free, open-source soft­ware that reduces images files sizes but preserve quality. It also removes metadata and its preferences allow for different levels of compression (lossless &/or lossy).

  • ImageAlpha (open source) reduces file sizes of 24-bit PNG files (including alpha transparency) by applying lossy compression and conversion to a more efficient PNG8+alpha format.

  • Guetzli is an open source JPEG encoder released by Google. Guetzli aims for excellent compression density at high visual quality.

  • JPEGmini is a paid app that reduces image file size by up to 80% without compromising on quality.

  • TinyPNG is an online PNG and JPEG compression tool, with a Photoshop CC plugin to match.


To make images optimisation part of your automated build process1, you can combine three of these tools and automate with the command line:

More tools

  • Optimage Lossy (visually lossless) and lossless optimizations, compression

  • SQUASH optimizes image file sizes, converts .jpegs from .psd files.

  • Let’s Enhance2 goal is the opposite. It aims to make a photo or image more realistic by removing JPEG artifacts and blur.


Image Optimization by Estelle Weyl explains which is the best image format for each browser. Essential Image Optimization - an eBook by Addy Osmani.


  2. Let’s Enhance is free for now but only works in the browser and require signup. 

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